Using universal driver in Milestone XProtect

I am using Dlink DCS932L and Foscam 8903 in my installation.
Cameras are added using manual mode in add hardware wizard.
It is important to disable the corresponding microphone in Management Application.
The interesting part is finding the correct uri to type in. I see 2 ways to find it:
- read the manual for the camera (a bit boring right...)
- make a network trace while using the camera webpage (this has been my way...)

Settings for IPS EA1811

I just added a new camera
This is great full HD 2 MP!
It is running RTSP over UDP
Important: this is possibly blocked by firewall!
By the way: I am running 2 streams from camera

Settings for Dlink DCS932L

Settings for Foscam 8903

One of my friends has a couple of other cameras

It is a Foscam and a D-Link

Settings for Foscam 8905

Settings for D-Link DCS 2121

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